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less is enough

LESS IS ENOUGH ON ARCHITECTURE AND ASCETICISM by PIER VITTORIO AURELI “Less is more” goes the modernist dictum. But is it? In an age when we are endlessly urged to do “more with less”, can we still romanticise the pretensions of minimalism? For Pier Vittorio Aureli, the return of “austerity chic” is a perversion of…

Typology Research

1 34184350 34184304 We also deal in areas like the biological basis of behaviors, leading to issues of nature and nature.


If you are entangled in areas like sensation and hear post perception, we will help you out.

The New Domesticity // Yeni Evcil(l)ik Halleri

The New Domesticity // Yeni Evcil(l)ik Halleri Avşar Gürpınar // Adnan Serbest // Görkem Özdemir Yeni Evcil(l)ik Halleri projesi, 36m2’lik bir yaşam alanı içerisinde ev hayatının yeniden düşünülerek bu hayata karşılık gelecek mobilyanın bir ürün değil bir kavram olarak, en geniş anlamı ile değerlendirilmesini ve tasarlanmasını amaçlar. Mobilya;  konvansiyonel arketipler yerine, en genel anlamı ile…

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We delve into areas like personality, psychoanalysis, social psychology, psychological health and disorders, treatments, measurements, tests and statistics.